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Customer Journey and Queue Management Solutions 

A fully integrated solution that keeps your business organized

Since 1881 Tensator has been the leader in manufacturing quality crowd control products that helps to provide its customers with queue management and customer guidance. Tensator strives to help its customers improve their business’s efficiencies, improve their business’s productivity, help their customers to minimize their business' customer waiting time and to reduce their customer’s frustrations with a long wait.

HOPPEN’s global offer consists of a range of customizable, autonomous and mutually compatible solutions.

  • Enhance patients’ comfort and safety by, Improve the comfort of patients, the performance of professionals and increase the attractiveness of your establishment, Instant video calls to break the isolation of patients and residents of EHPAD and their relatives, reduce patients’ boredom by offering an adapted television service, Offer mobility-friendly services to patients.

  • Improve and optimize patient’s flows by, Follow and accompany patients to enable them to become actors of their care pathway, simplify the admission process and optimise the reception of patients, Communicate interactively with patients and their careers, Guide patients by geolocation within establishment.

Hoppen places its expertise at the service of all health care facilities to accompany them in their digital transformation by developing and setting up a simple, innovative, and intuitive product range, which enables healthcare professionals to welcome patients, accompany them and communicate with them better.


The Tensator® brand stands for innovation, functionality, safety and quality. Tensator products are the world’s leading crowd control barrier systems on the market today.

Tensator® solutions are used across the world in many different environments and for a multitude of applications. Their strength, quality and versatility means their purpose can range from a queuing system, a crowd control aid, a signage solution, or a safety barrier.


Tensator Collaboration Process

Discover through high level conversations we identify how Tensator may be able to enhance a client’s customer experience through customization, as well as identify areas for revenue generation and where efficiencies can be created. The design team discusses the clients brand values, wants, needs and pain points. Then craft knowledge and products to those specific requirements, ensuring a fit-for-purpose solution that enhances the brand and customer journey. Proving the concept in a live environment, testing what works and what needs some further improvement. Using methods such as A-B testing, customer engagement and data analysis to ensure the solution fits the clients’ requirements. Working together with the client by deliver and install the final and most appropriate solutions and can deliver plans to expand further whether to other locations or a more refined solution when needed.


Helping businesses connect with their customers, efficiently managing customer service and delivering solutions that allow the implementation of better customer service processes – these are the constant challenges we take on to deliver simple and engaging customer experiences.

Queue Management

Digital Signage

Customer Feedback

Payment Kiosks

Cash Management


From One App to Tailor Made

We help you create your UNIQUE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE by creating your unique mix of apps according to your business needs.

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