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Unified Platform for All Positioning

Unified positioning platform

The first technology-agnostic platform that combines all mobile positioning under one SDK

Always the best location information

Technology-agnostic geofencing

Analytics views

HOPPEN’s global offer consists of a range of customizable, autonomous and mutually compatible solutions.

  • Enhance patients’ comfort and safety by, Improve the comfort of patients, the performance of professionals and increase the attractiveness of your establishment, Instant video calls to break the isolation of patients and residents of EHPAD and their relatives, reduce patients’ boredom by offering an adapted television service, Offer mobility-friendly services to patients.

  • Improve and optimize patient’s flows by, Follow and accompany patients to enable them to become actors of their care pathway, simplify the admission process and optimise the reception of patients, Communicate interactively with patients and their careers, Guide patients by geolocation within establishment.

Hoppen places its expertise at the service of all health care facilities to accompany them in their digital transformation by developing and setting up a simple, innovative, and intuitive product range, which enables healthcare professionals to welcome patients, accompany them and communicate with them better.


The wayfinding tools excel in intricate and complex venues, but can be applied to any venue, big or small. So, if your customers have a hard time finding the fruit isle, a certain store in a mall or an isolated meeting room at the office, is the solution for you. With you can make your indoor location easy to navigate in no time.

Interactive 2D or 3D map that allows you to display everything your venue has on offer and assists your visitors in finding their way around. Map scales for different screen sizes, ranging from massive digital screens to laptops and mobile views. The solution can be tailored to match exactly with your branding and venue’s needs.


Intelligent routing algorithm

Starting from the CAD or PDF floor plans of your venue, the architectural drawings are converted into impressive, 2D or 3D vector format. For an especially tailored look, we can also offer you artist-created illustrations from a perspective view. In addition to your venue, the map can cover the entire city it is located in. World maps and city-level routing delivered through Open Street Maps. Maps also support overlaying of custom information and interactions. You can for example overlay advertisement on the map, or direct users to ticket purchase when they click on a Point of Interest

routing proximi.gif


Works with any technology –GPS / native positioning, beacons, geomagnetic positioning.

Circle and polygon geofences available

Ready-made library for a complete indoor navigation experience to your mobile application.

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