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Signage for Business Growth

ScreenCom provides creative signage solutions built on solid technical foundations

ScreenCom comes with the strong legacy of creating innovative solutions, in-depth knowledge of MagicINFO and the passion for digital signage. With the combined strength and expertise of FinesseTech and ScreenCom, our partners and customers in the region can benefit from Samsung MagicINFO-based solutions creating the next level of opportunities that help the businesses grow and excel.


The perfect symbiosis between Samsung hardware and the MagicINFO software offering in-depth control and multiple strong functions to manage the whole display network.



MagicINFO is a smart content creation and management solution that is included with every Samsung Display Solutions product.



ScreenCom brings MagicINFO to the next level with the solutions that make it an even greater product, customized to your signage concepts and goals.



ScreenCom has deployed signage solutions to clients worldwide. The vast experience of ScreenCom in installing, managing and creating signage solutions is now expanding to the Middle East region with the association of FinesseTech.


Hosted signage solutions, consulting and development

The solid, fully hosted, no stress signage infrastructure from ScreenCom makes sure you can relax, knowing that everything is working as it should. Dig deep with our consultants who will be happy to share all our experiences and knowledge with you.  Or put our experienced tech-team to work developing customized applications so you can showcase your creativity. ScreenCom has a strong team that’s known for its knowledge, creativity and straight talking. You can rely on us to get your job done.

Hosting Solutions

The technical team has rich experience in setting up larger server infrastructures for extensive signage networks in hosted environments. Whether you have 1 or thousands of displays.


We offer introductory and customized training sessions for every type of end user designers, systems managers and resellers. Discover more about your signage solution and maximize your creativity and efficiency.


ScreenCom has support services that help you stay ahead of the game. Team up with one of our consultants to achieve your signage goals or gain in-depth knowledge from our experts.


Sensor-based signage combined it with MagicINFO for improved customer interaction and display dynamic content.



Q-image creates images of webpages and makes these images available on your MagicINFO server.



Creating software directly on your Samsung displays through the integrated media player.


Widget Configurator

Applications that is presented via a web page that can be integrated in your MagicINFO playlist as a content item.



Publish reservations and availability of your meeting rooms using your standard calendar program.


Simple CMS

Easy-to-use web-based CMS for any user type. It works with foolproof templates and fully integrates with MagicINFO.

Creating powerful MagicINFO add-ons

ScreenCom brings some intelligence to signage solutions and offers custom application development based on web technology on top of our complete MagicINFO services. ScreenCom develops “what isn’t there yet” to help to grow your business and integrates these changes into MagicINFO by creating powerful add-ons.

ScreenCom gives you creative signage solutions built on solid technical foundations. We create innovative solutions that help businesses grow using our in-depth MagicINFO knowledge and passion for digital signage.

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