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Solutions for the Workplace of the Future.

Why Bisner.

Innovative technology for smart offices

With Bisner's SaaS solution, they help offices worldwide simplify and improve work life. Bisner believe that better working days lead to happier people and more successful businesses.

Together with team, they have developed the solution foe improving work life and offer workplace management advice.

HOPPEN’s global offer consists of a range of customizable, autonomous and mutually compatible solutions.

  • Enhance patients’ comfort and safety by, Improve the comfort of patients, the performance of professionals and increase the attractiveness of your establishment, Instant video calls to break the isolation of patients and residents of EHPAD and their relatives, reduce patients’ boredom by offering an adapted television service, Offer mobility-friendly services to patients.

  • Improve and optimize patient’s flows by, Follow and accompany patients to enable them to become actors of their care pathway, simplify the admission process and optimise the reception of patients, Communicate interactively with patients and their careers, Guide patients by geolocation within establishment.

Hoppen places its expertise at the service of all health care facilities to accompany them in their digital transformation by developing and setting up a simple, innovative, and intuitive product range, which enables healthcare professionals to welcome patients, accompany them and communicate with them better.

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Future of work has a hybrid form with a community feeling. Free and flexible to work from home, the office or a local hub. The way we work and the roles of offices are changing. we believe that office is the place where interaction between people is central and social and creative processes are supported.

Hybrid Working with your Community, offices keep on changing. Transforming workplaces from the idea of activity-related working. The office of the future will become even more of a central meeting place that stimulates collaboration and connection with the organization.

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From desk-oriented to activity-based working and solutions for the workplace of the future

We believe in flexible working environments that support employees in their work. Technology helps with this - so employees can do their work comfortably and effectively resulting in higher productivity. Flexibility and scalability is at core of our products. Bisner offers flexible, simple and smart technology solutions that take a holistic approach to improve the workplace.

Ensure a safe return to the office, the allowable capacity of the office is subject to change due to current circumstances. With Bisner you can set this per building and per floor.

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