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Realising World’s Smartest Buildings

Bgrid's Mission

The building like a smart phone

Higher environmental standards

Easy to integrate and high-quality hardware

Unique workplace experience

HOPPEN’s global offer consists of a range of customizable, autonomous and mutually compatible solutions.

  • Enhance patients’ comfort and safety by, Improve the comfort of patients, the performance of professionals and increase the attractiveness of your establishment, Instant video calls to break the isolation of patients and residents of EHPAD and their relatives, reduce patients’ boredom by offering an adapted television service, Offer mobility-friendly services to patients.

  • Improve and optimize patient’s flows by, Follow and accompany patients to enable them to become actors of their care pathway, simplify the admission process and optimise the reception of patients, Communicate interactively with patients and their careers, Guide patients by geolocation within establishment.

Hoppen places its expertise at the service of all health care facilities to accompany them in their digital transformation by developing and setting up a simple, innovative, and intuitive product range, which enables healthcare professionals to welcome patients, accompany them and communicate with them better.


bGrid is the final smart building solution you will ever need. bGrid Nodes sense everything that happens within a building, enabling fast accurate positioning of people and assets. bGrid enables comfort control and provides actionable data insights for building owners, operators, and occupants.

The open bGrid API enables third party smart building hardware and software developers to easily connect to bGrid and create new innovative smart building applications. Open API allows integration of everything from lighting and climate systems to third party applications and even people through their smart devices.


Smarter Solutions, Better

We help  to open up new opportunities to collaborate, integrate and improve, by delivering the infrastructure and data hub to make smart buildings a reality, no matter the age of the building – whether it’s 100 years old or yet to be built

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